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Electro Chlorination

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Electro Chlorination Package

Hypochlorite Generation Package
(1 kg/hr up to 400 kg/hr)

Electrochlorination is to produce on-site hypo-chlorite (NaOCl) as needed for disinfection.

We do design, manufacture, test, supply & install the Electrolyzers and its spares for Cl2 Production, Single electrolyzer having the production capacity of minimum 500 grams / Hr. to 7600 grams / Hr. To achieve the higher capacity in the chlorination plant, we use the multi-fold electrolyzer assembly, with the coating (DSA activation) life guarantee of 5 years.


Where ever the seawater is to be used as cooling or process water. Following few are the major users of electrochlorinators:

• Power plants
• Desalination plants
• Oil & Gas – Offshore Platforms, FPSOs, LNG Terminals
• Refineries / Petrochemical plants
• Seafood Processing Plants
• Marine vessels
• Mineral Mills

Advantages of Electrochlorinator

• No chlorine smell
• Water Taste will not change
• Fully automatic systems
• Low cost of maintenance
• Minimum man power is required
• Sodium Hypochlorite is not a cause for any kind of disease is such as cancer, like other disinfectant
• Kills Bacteria and Viruses
• No algae formation, hence pipeline life will be increased
• Stability of sodium hypochlorite concentration will never change like other disinfectant
• There is no sediment settlement in sodium hypochlorite operation
• The sodium hypochlorite level will be constant through out the water, till the tail end

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