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Deep Bed Condensate Polishing System


Deep Bed Condensate Polishing System

Condensate polishing system is placed between condensate pumps and low pressure feed water heaters. H-OH deep mixed beds with high speed are extensively applied in the system. Generally, flow rate of the polisher is 100 meter per hour.

Hi-tower separation method is employed in-external regeneration system when the amount of cross-contamination ( i.e., cation resin exposed to caustic and anion resin exposed to acid during regeneration)must be kept to minimum. This improves the quality of treated condensate. With the high vessel separation system, cross-contamination is less than 0.1 %. This low cross-contamination percentage produces very low ion leakage from the resin and high quality polished condensate.

Hi-tower separation method

Hi-tower regeneration system combines resin separation tower (SPT), cation resin regeneration and storage tower (CRT), anion resin regeneration tower (ART) and auxiliary equipment such as flush pump, roots blower, acid (alkali) storage and dosing equipment etc.

Hi-tower regeneration system

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